Abstract Lotus Flower Orange and Blue Wedding Invitation

Abstract Lotus Flower Wedding Invitation invitation

Abstract Lotus Flower Wedding Invitation invitation
Back of Invitation
You know what they say, opposites attract. How true that is for these opposing orange and blue colors. This is one of my favorite color combinations and the abstract Lotus Flower design is perfection. These invitations would be a beautiful choice for a summer or autumn wedding.

The invitation show is 5" x 7" and has a color theme of turquoise, orange and blue. It is my personal opinion that everything about this invitation is perfect. However, you have the option of changing the font, font color, text placement, paper color and paper type.

There currently is not a matching postage stamp for this wedding invitation. However, the following stamps would look great.
Blue Henna Hearts stamp
Blue Henna Hearts by sixteenthkid

Blue Lotus Duet stamp
Blue Lotus Duet by MovingLight

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